What Does it Mean When Your Poop Floats?

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Why should you always look in the toilet bowl?

I have a habit.  It’s a scary habit to some, but for me, I know it’s the single best thing that I can do for my health.  I look down into the black hole on a regular basis.  This black hole, in a clockwise fashion, sucks away all of my worries.  (By worries, I mean the stench that is stinking up the room sometimes, not always).

The toilet bowl, or as I like to call it, the throne, is an integral part of every single person’s life.  It is something we all have in common.  Yep, everybody poops!

I’m here to set the record straight on the question of whether stools should float or sink, and the answer is: SINK!

Floating Jewels

So do you ever question what is happening inside of you when you see floating in the bowl?  No, I’m not talking about your morning cereal.  I’m talking about the toilet bowl and the submarine that was supposed to sink but instead is floating like a steamboat?!  Choo, choo!

If the natural, healthy thing is to sink, but yours doesn’t… What gives?  Read on to find out why this might be and the easy formula to help fix it!

Is my Problem Fat Malabsorption?

When your poop floats, it’s typically a sign that you’re having issues with fat.  I don’t mean the fat on your body, rather the fat present in food that your body’s trying to digest.

Fat is so very important for your system for many different reasons.  First of all, fat isn’t bad for you!  In the 1980s fat was villainized as badly as the Joker from Batman, and very wrongly so.  Yes, unhealthy, bad fats should be avoided, but good fats are crucial for your body to function well.

Doctor Marisol ND., Queen of the Thrones® explains the relation between nutrition and digestion.

Here’s what healthy fats do for your body:

  • Fats feed all of the body’s cells and is needed for them to work properly
  • Fats help our skin look fresh and beautiful 
  • Fats feed your brain and make you happy! 
  • Fats trigger areas of our brain that help us to feel satisfied and “full” after a meal
  • Fats also help support our hormones, because our hormones are manufactured from fat

One of the most important jobs healthy fat has is:

It helps with transporting toxins out of the body. 

Why?  Because many toxins are fat-soluble.  Toxins such as heavy metals or xenoestrogens found in plastic disrupt hormones and the immune system and so much more.

Floating Poop… What Does it Mean?

So when your poops are floaters rather than sinkers, it’s usually a sign that you are: 

  1. Eating too much fat and not enough fiber to absorb it
  2. Having problems digesting and absorbing fats

Think of it like this.  In oceans, or in your sink with all of your dirty dishes, when there is an oil slick you see the oil floating on top of the water.  The poor wildlife (mostly birds) get covered in oil because they are floating on top of the water!

Should your poo sink or float?

So you know if your poop is floating, you have problems with fat, and it is even more severe if there is also an oil slick present in the toilet bowl. Also, the color of your poo is a sign of what is going on with the #1 thing that your body produces.

Gallbladder Problems?

If you don’t have a gallbladder you lack bile, so floating poop will be normal for you. It is extremely difficult to properly absorb fat if you are missing yours (this is why I often caution against getting your gallbladder removed because fat is SO important to our bodies).

Turn your Floaters into Sinkers

Here are a few best practices to help you absorb your fats better and get those floaters turned into sinkers:

  1. Switch to good fats and avoid the unhealthy fats – go for coconut, olive and avocado oil more often 
  2. Before you eat, make sure to have your Queen of the Thrones® Grateful Dung™ Bracelet on and do your Daily Dining practice.  Name 3 things you are grateful for to get your gut ready to digest.
  3. Wear your Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack daily to optimize your digestion, absorption, and elimination (as well as improve how your gall bladder dumps bile)

So from now on, I want you to think fat is PHAT! (how my teenager says super cool!)

You want to absorb it because it keeps you beautiful, happy, and healthy.

Do it!

Also – Sinking vs. floating is just 1 of the valuable 11 Golden Nuggets to help you analyze your stools for potential nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances and digestive issues. To learn all about them and become your own digestive detective, download Doctor Marisol ND. e-book ‘Know Your Poo!‘ to help you analyze what your poo can tell you in terms of nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, digestive issues and more…

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thoughts on “What Does it Mean When Your Poop Floats?

    • Hi Heather, thanks for your question on our Blog! Our stools tell so much about us–if it isn’t a ‘perfect’ poo by Dr. Marisol’s standards that can indicates inflammation. Inflammation over time leads to conditions, diagnosis and lastly disease. It’s very important to address the symptoms before conditions and disease have manifested. Always peek after you poo! 🙂 Dianne-QOTT team

  • I only notice some floating “poop” when I’m doing the full moon parasite cleanse and detox but not at other times. And it does appear as though it’s a long rope type worm covered with brown or a biofilm strand covered with poop … I’m not sure it’s been decided what that thing is supposed to be called. (Sorry about all caps, I don’t have the cap lock on and can’t get lower case letters.)

    • Hi Becky! Very interesting! I would say this is a great sign, that ‘stuff’ is moving and coming out! (just what you want!) LOL – there can be some very strange looking nuggets coming out. Keep up the good work! Dianne-QOTT team

    • Hi Rita, poop that isn’t formed all boils down to inflammation. You may be sensitive to certain foods or under a lot of stress for example. If you haven’t already, please download “Know your Poo” on our website at http://www.drmarisol.com QOTT team

  • Would it be possible to clarify if the poops are considered floating if they are on top of the toilet bowl water, but not above it as the picture of the submarine indicates. MY RECENT OBSERVATIONS SHOW THAT MY poops have not sunk to the bottom of the toilet but ALTHOUGH THEY ARE HIGH IN THE WATER, they are not above the water.

    Thank you

    • If they aren’t sinking all the way to the bottom, this is an indication of some fat malabsorption. They should sink down deep into the depths! If they’re right on the top of the water and oil can be seen in the water this is typically severe fat malabsorption. A great way to help this is to drink half warm water and half fresh squeezed lemon juice before meals 🙂 Apple cider vinegar can be substituted for lemon juice as well.

  • HEllo, not quite about floating pooh, but QUESTION about The wrap.
    How Often sHould We be CLEANIng it?, hOw Many times can it be cleaned before rePlaced, and can it Be less effective or bad to Use if oLd?

    • Dr. Marisol says:

      Hi Jean! Thanks for your comment. The pack technically never HAS to be cleaned. In fact, Edgar Cayce, the famed bedside healer who popularized the packs in North America in the early 1900s, said that the packs never need to be cleaned. We just include this option for people because some want to clean it when it becomes very saturated, yet others prefer to use it when it’s very saturated. The goal is to wash is as less as possible by only using 1-2 tbsp of oil with each use in the middle of the pack only. Washing can decrease the natural lifecycle of the pack (which is usually about 3 months with everyday use – more if used less frequently!). It is unknown if toxins are pulled into the pack which is another reason it’s important to replace it regularly. <3

  • I don’t have a gallbladder, haven’t for 25 years, yet my lovely shaped and colored poos sink all the way down. What can I attribute that blessing too?

    • Dr. Marisol says:

      Although your gallbladder is removed, your liver still produces bile (it just doesn’t have anywhere to store). Some people’s bodies adjust better than others and they don’t experience as many problems with bowel movements. Sounds like you’re the lucky one! 🙂

  • Joyce Schlachter says:

    Can your “plain” castor oil be used the same as the cosmetic castor oil? I can’t afford both the castor oil packs and the cosmetic pack. thanks 🙂

    • Dr. Marisol says:

      Hi Joyce, both the cosmetic castor oil bottle and the large castor oil are indeed the same castor oil. The cosmetic castor oil is just in a smaller and convenient bottle great for travel. But feel free to use whatever bottle you wish your beauty care and castor oil pack practice. Let us know if we can answer any more of your questions.

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