The BEST Gratitude Practice | Become a ‘Roll’ Model

Dr. Marisol ND. founder of Queen of the Thrones® and creator of The Gratitude Experiment

Notice how everyone calls our daily life experience a grind, a hustle? People talk about how hard it is, how we have to push through it. The struggle.

Drop Your Resistance

But what if we thought differently about it? What if instead of making it such a struggle, we simply learned how to just ROLL with it, and dropped all of our resistance (which, at the end of the day, just causes a boat-load of disease and problems for us)?

It reminds me of the experience of one of a great Instagram influencer @thebirdspapaya. Recently she has experienced much flak for simply being who she is. This is rather sad because she is promoting the power of embracing who you are, LOVING yourself, and doing the things that you love! But people are judging her. The thing is this: when you criticize you can’t call good into your life.

So the same people that want to love themselves, and are following her because they want to be better are also so stuck in their negative energy and pattern of behavior from the past, the paradigms of what other people have told them, that they judge her as they have been judged themselves. 

So I say…. Time to learn to just roll with it!

Become a ‘Roll’ Model

Dr. Marisol ND. Queen of the Thrones® is a health leader role model

 Because what makes some people ‘roll’ models, like @thebirdspapaya – is that they have learned how to roll with it instead of being resistant, which they know all too well causes havoc in their lives. Been there, done that… Me too (you’re probably there as well or you wouldn’t be reading this). Resistance is what causes more stress and heartache. They simply go with the flow… Just like Buddha, the Tao te Ching, like water…  

One thing that causes disease and problems in our lives is resistance to that which is.

A New Perspective on Life

In life, things go wrong. It is part of the process of life. Things get in our way, they block us. Our job is to be present and take advantage of that which is today. To be immediately grateful to our creator when things are amazing, but also when things go wrong. 

The universe is always doing things FOR us, not TO us. 

It is teaching us lessons that we need to learn from and move through. It helps us navigate those treacherous waters.

Dr. Marisol ND. Designed the Happier, Healthier Life

Failing is a forward movement, but if you take it as a backward pull on your life, so it shall be. As you ask, so shall you receive. The big guy’s words, not mine!  

So think FLOW. One of our upcoming strategies and teachings is called The Movement Meditation. We do a meditation that repeats the mantra, ‘in flow, let go’, and produces eye movements that are equivalent to doing a 45-minute deep-dive into meditation, but actually only takes 10 minutes. It is so cool! 

The goal is to learn to let go, like in yoga and stay in your flow… in essence, roll baby roll! Stay tuned for the upcoming book.  

Our escape mechanism is resistance. Resistance is an inability to accept change. But change is the only thing that remains the same. So how about thinking, ‘flow like water’. Move through and around obstacles, challenge (FYI, when it is purposeful and for your own good) and deal with them, just like water does. 

Otherwise, life begins to feel like a grind. A big, bad, daily grind as everyone says.

But if we rolled… rolled like water over our obstacles… Or rolled them up just like the dung beetle, we would be all the better for it.

So I invite you to join my FREE 14 Day Gratitude Experiment.

You’ll get a free Grateful Dung™ Bracelet for joining! (just pay shipping). Here’s how:

Dr. Marisol ND. Queen of the Thrones® designed the 14 Day Gratitude Experiment for a healthier and happier life.

1. Join the Gratitude Experiment & order your bracelet.

2. For 14 days we will use our bracelets to implement 3 super simple gratitude practices into our lives.

3. Follow along on social media and email for daily tips on how to be more grateful!

P.S. Why do I love the dung beetle so much? Well, just think about it… Throughout history, there are so many significant things that have celebrated the beetle. 

Egypt: The Sun God Ra embodied the dung beetle (A.K.A. the sacred scarab) when he came to Earth. It was his physical manifestation of the one that brings light into the world every day and rolls it across the sky… pretty cool if I do say so myself. 

England 1970, The Beatles: Need I say more? My memory was jogged with the recent movie Yesterday. You realize the impact their music had on mastering the mindset of the people… healthy self-hypnosis at its finest! ‘All You Need is Love’,’Tomorrow Never Knows’, ‘Getting Better’, ‘I Feel Fine’, ‘Hello Goodbye’… need I say more? 

Journey: Number one best name for a band! Every album cover has a dung beetle on it.

Ladybugs A.K.A. Lady Beetles: Who doesn’t love it when one lands on you? There is a superstition that it brings lots of good luck! Cool, I’ll take it!

The Dung Bettle a sign fo Gratitude for the Egyptians

So why not wear the dung beetle and make it part of your daily practice?

Let it bring you good luck and gratitude. It helps balances your 1st and 3rd chakra, the core, and the center… Realign. It’s about time! 

Get your gift… Stay tuned to social media for daily updates & join The Gratitude Experiment now!

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