The 3 Step Adrenal Fatigue Fix

Look, have you been waking up in the morning with such low energy that you think something is really, really wrong with you?

When you compare the way you feel now to the way you used to feel, you think, “What the heck happened!?” You used to wake up and jump out of bed, ready to take on the day. Now, you sluggishly roll over, hit snooze about a million times until you finally get out of bed… then, like a wild, hungry animal, you sniff out your morning coffee to perk-up in an attempt to feel some kind of normal.

You feel all around sluggish, even your poop is sluggish. You used to go every day, now you’re lucky if it’s every 2-3 days. Your mind feels fuzzy… you can’t remember names, and forget things that you really shouldn’t. You feel pretty addicted to your multiple cups of morning coffee because it seems to be the only thing that helps you feel slightly normal again.

Once you get your engine running it’s a little better. But then right after you eat, you get a dip in your energy again… time for another pick-me-up! You go for a frozen coffee that is more like a sugar-packed dessert than a beverage. It’s a double jolt of energy (both sugar and caffeine) and you need it. Why? ‘Cause you gotta work, pay the bills… you don’t have TIME for a nap!’

In the evening you feel as though your gas tank is running on empty. When you finally get a moment to yourself, you feel so stressed out, the only way to take the edge off is to pour yourself a big glass of wine. Just so you can relax and wind down.

When it’s finally bedtime, all you’re thinking about is sleeping. Hopefully, you won’t toss and turn tonight like you have been for what seems like forever. Sexy time is the last thing on your mind. You could say romance in your life is at an all-time low. The last thing you want to do is waste your energy. Needless to say, this isn’t great for your relationship, but it is your reality.

Naturally, many of us experience this from time to time, but if this is your daily pattern and what you’ve been living, this is the classic experience of having adrenal fatigue.  

Find natural approaches to fix adrenal fatigue with Dr Marisol Queen of the Thrones®Your natural rhythms are off track but you’re surviving, thanks only to the stress hormone cortisol, and the uppers and downers you’re consuming, like coffee to perk you up in the morning, and your trusted glass of wine to calm you down at night. These substances seem to be the only way you can get a somewhat “normal” daily experience. 

I’ve been there, I’m all too familiar with it. My patients tell me about this experience, and time and time again it is the same story. Ask your friends, tell them your story and you’ll see. 

I’ve found through personal experience, my clinical practice, and searching for scientific support, that to regain our lives, there is only one way to do it! Adjust the foundation of our health, by resetting how you eat, sleep and poop. 

Today, I want to share with you my easy 3 step formula that is easy to implement in your daily life to reset your natural rhythms and break free from the caged feeling of adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue is REAL

If you’re living with adrenal fatigue, you know the experience is real. Here’s what is commonly felt with adrenal fatigue:

  • Fatigue and sluggishness
  • Frazzled and stressed – anything takes you over the edge of losing it!
  • Overwhelmed, foggy brain, and changes in memory 
  • Hormonal problems like estrogen dominance or thyroid disease
  • Sleep changes – difficulty waking up in the morning, difficulty falling asleep at night or difficulty staying asleep, often waking to pee
  • After exercise, instead of feeling revitalized you feel more sluggish than ever
  • Digestive problems – slow and sluggish bowels, bloating, weight gain (especially in the belly and trunk), changes in appetite and cravings
  • Mid-day dip in energy, often associated with food
  • Addictions to uppers and downers to get through the day

Adrenal Fatigue Quick Fixes: Coffee & Wine 

I bring up this issue because it is incredibly common and I notice that the more adrenally stressed and fatigued we get, the more that we start to increase our reliance on these substances, and the more they start to control our lives. 

The only issue is that using these to manipulate our natural rhythms takes away our power and our ability to be our best self and truly thrive. They control our daily actions and worse, they steal from our energetic potential for the future. Like a loan shark they keep us in an energetic debt instead of feeling debt-free!

Reset Your Natural Rhythms and Beat Adrenal Fatigue

I know that you’re scared. You may be reliant on these substances to feel kind of normal and that’s okay. I’m not here by any means to make you feel bad about your choices, but to help you become aware and know that there are other options that you may not know of.

Because you are human, when you don’t feel well it is extremely normal to seek out support that will make you feel better. This is totally natural. Now let me introduce to you the most natural of health practices that will help you to regain your normal life back again, one great sleep at a time.

Adrenal Fatigue Fix

It comes to 3 easy little words that will become the focus as you take yourself from frazzled and freakin’ out to fabulous and feelin’ fine. 

  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. Poop

Yes, it is this simple!

EAT: Food and Digestion with Adrenal Fatigue

Food that we eat clearly needs to fuel us, and more so than that, it actually has to nourish us. 

But it’s not only about your food choices. It’s also about how we digest and absorb our food. After all, you are only what you digest and absorb.

Learn about how to cope with adrenal fatigue with Dr. Marisol ND, Queen of the Thrones®

The bottom line is you can be buying, preparing and cooking the best of the best of foods, but if you are not digesting well (likely you are not, because it’s been scientifically proven that when you have high cortisol, A.K.A. the stress hormone, your digestion suffers) then you aren’t absorbing your nutrients.

A solution? The Grateful Dung™ Daily Dining Practice. The Queen of the Thrones® Grateful Dung™ Bracelet helps to implement a simple gratitude practice before meals, helping to reduce cortisol so that your gut is ready to digest and absorb well. Using the Grateful Dung™ Bracelet as a reminder, simply hold onto the black obsidian Swarovski dung beetle bead, and recite three things that you are grateful for before eating.

When you are in a state of gratitude, it’s impossible to have negative feelings or stress. Doing this right before eating sets you up for better digestion. Wear the bracelet as a constant reminder of this practice to set yourself up for good digestion, with lowered amounts of cortisol pumping through your body.


Queen of the Thrones® Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit™ help you to fix your sleep and adrenal fatigueSleep restores, rejuvenates and resets our bodies. If we don’t have good sleep, how can we expect to feel great? It’s almost impossible to feel good if we are restless throughout the evening. An important part of having healthy natural rhythms is having sufficient melatonin levels (the fall-asleep hormone).

To heal, cleanse, digest well and have a flat stomach, your sleep needs to be superb. Simply wearing an eye mask to bed naturally increases your melatonin1, helping you sleep. It also improves levels of oxytocin2, the love and connection hormone! These make you sleep great and feel good! 

For beauty and anti-aging purposes, I always suggest placing castor oil around your eyes. This helps to reduce wrinkles and stimulates eyebrow and eyelash growth, too! The Queen of the Thrones® Beauty Sleep Brow & Lash Kit includes everything needed for this nightly beauty sleep routine.

POOPGood digestion help you to manage adrenaline fatigue

What does this have to do with adrenal fatigue? Well, everything. A woman’s body is naturally slower at going to the bathroom than men3, and that means the waste products stay in your body longer, irritating you and causing stress. Not to mention messing up your hormones and making you gain weight. Not cool! 

Pooping better can alleviate adrenal fatigue because when you poop better, everything in life is better! Face it, you know I am speaking the truth! 

Castor Oil Packs are the best way to address going to the bathroom regularly. They aren’t an irritating laxative like cascara sagrada, rather they help with retraining of the bowels. So long term, you have it all figured out. 

But wait! That’s not all they do, here’s the whole list of how they help you.

Castor Oil Pack Benefits

The FAITH Acronym

  • Function of your digestion, absorption & elimination4, 5  – Helps with bloating, indigestion, and bowel movements to brag about.
  • Antioxidant status – Castor oil provides anti-aging molecules such as nitric oxide6 and vitamin E7, and improves levels of glutathione8, our master detoxifying agent. Most importantly for women who don’t have a gallbladder, or have problems absorbing fats – castor oil is a source of healthy fats that you get topically. Bye-bye digestive problems!
  • Inflammation reduction and a healthy inflammatory response9Castor Oil Packs™ reduce core inflammation, helping you achieve a flat belly and less ‘fluff around the edges’.
  • Tension & stress10, 11  – The compression of the organic cotton compress helps to activate our parasympathetic ‘rest & digest’ state, balancing stress and improving sleep!
  • Host microbiome balance12, 13, 14   – Castor oil is one of the only natural substances with the ability to breakdown biofilm created by conbiotics™ (bad bacteria), it also helps to balance bacteria and yeast overgrowth via nitric oxide15.

Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Pack™ FAITH acronym

I love to call them the FAITH makers, because they help you regain the “faith” that you will heal and feel better. They did this for me and thousands of my patients. Regular practice can help you regain faith in your body too!

Eau De Throne™, the After you Poo Parfum! is another tool that helps you poop better because it trains you to peek after you poo and begin to understand the signs that it can show you. It also contains organic essential oils of lavender, rosemary, clove, and citrus that have a medicinal effect on the body, providing antioxidants, calming the nervous system, aiding digestion and cleansing the air.

So there you have it, the first steps to laying the foundation to move out of adrenal fatigue and into a fabulous female. Eat, Sleep and Poop. Focus on these three key impactors and reset the foundation of your health, then make sure to spread the word! No one needs to live feeling like this. 

To help you get started, get yourself the Queen of the Thrones® Queen Kit™. It contains all of the products mentioned in this article to support you in overcoming adrenal fatigue. Every product is multi-purpose and meant to be simple and easy to implement transformative health practices in your day to day life.

Queen of the Thrones®, Queen Kit™ supports you in overcoming adrenal fatigue

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thoughts on “The 3 Step Adrenal Fatigue Fix

  • I have just purchased the castor oil pack and have started using it overnight. I am having quite an adventure. First the oil was so cold as I put the pack next to my body(stomach areas, it sent the chills down my spine. However I have found a way. I put the pack with oil spread on it on a heating pad for 15 mins or so. Now when I put it next to my body it is deliciously warm. Second thing I tuck the lower half under my panties and tie the elastic strings. But everything is royally stained in the morning. My sheets, night clothes, and underclothing. So I am thinking I should make a cotton flannel band to wrap around my torso and secure it with Velcro. This would be a project. In the meanwhile I am defecating much better and I like the idea that Edgar Caycee intuited virtues of castor oil. So I intend to make it work. Thank you for reintroducing it and the design of plastic like material on one side and flannel on other is good. And the colored glass bottle with organic oil is another good thing.

    • says:

      Great thinking to heat up the oil first!! However heating the oil can cause it to become a bit runnier and increases the chances of it getting into the seams and leaking onto the other side. I always store my oil at room temperature and sometimes it’s a liittle bit chilly when I apply it, but as soon as I tie my compress on it starts to hold in my natural body heat very well and warms up quickly. I’d love for you to check out our newest blog post all about troubleshooting with your pack!

  • Hello,
    I haven’t taken to daily/nightly use yet. but the first time i used it 3 nights in a row the results showed in my poo. so why not use it nightly? i’ll check out the trouble shooting blog also. but can you please remind me – i thought i recall something about beneficial use if used for an hour or so during the day?

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