How you can find gratitude in hard times

Have you ever had someone in your life that made you happy just by being near them?

Maybe it’s your mom or dad and the thought of them makes you happy, but also sad because they’re no longer with you. Is this you? You’re not alone and I am here to share how you can find gratitude and joy during difficult times.

Let’s dive in, shall we? Remember to be gentle with yourself.


Feeling grateful for my dad’s life helped me find joy when all I felt was sadness


The Gratitude Experiment teaches you how to transform dark experiences in moments of joy.

Do you find this time of year hard because of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day? Or maybe you feel guilty when you do feel happy because how can you feel happy when your parents aren’t here to share the day with you? Does this sound like you?

Maybe you’d rather stay in bed all day, cuddled up in your softest blankets because you know as soon as you get up and face the day, you’ll be sent back down the spiral of grief- a place you don’t want to go back to. Is this you?

I’ve been there too. Stuck in doom and gloom after my dad died last year, going through the motions day to day like a robot trying to find light at the end of a never ending tunnel of darkness. Can you relate?

Even when my dad was lying in his hospital bed, unable to move from his debilitating stroke, he was still smiling and saying ‘y bueno’, which is Spanish for ‘all good’.

Even with our masks on I could see the spark of joy in his eyes and even though we had to stay 6 feet apart, I could feel the warmth of his grateful heart and it felt like a giant bear hug. Connected by emotions, but physically far apart. Have you ever felt this way?

So how can I carry on his contagious joy and gratitude when I feel stuck in sadness and grief because he’s not still here with me? Would you love to know how I figured out how you can get back to feeling joy, even in the toughest moments?


How to find happiness during difficult times

Learn about feeling joyful with the Gratitude Experiment by Dr. Marisol ND. 

When my dad died, I was so exhausted from hearing, “I’m so sorry for your loss”. Can you relate?

“Sorry for your loss” has good intentions but it puts you back in the place of doom and gloom of feeling sorry and sad, right?

When I think about my dad and the life he lived, I don’t feel sorry, I feel joyful. Yes, I have moments of sadness because I miss him, but I’m so grateful for the light he brought into my life. Can you relate?

You see, the common theme here is gratitude. When I felt like I was stuck in the dark tunnel of grief, trying to find the light at the end of it without my dad, I discovered that practicing gratitude in my own life became the flashlight I needed to make my way out of the dark tunnel.

The best part? You can light your own torch too. Would you love to know how you can find your way out of your tunnel of darkness?


The more you practice gratitude, the more joy and happiness will naturally come


Enjoy a transformational life experience with the Queen of the Thrones® Gratitude Experiment.

It wasn’t until I lost my dad, that I realized I needed to live the way my dad did by leading with a grateful heart. Would you love to live that way too?

Remember, it’s ok to have sad moments because this is about baby steps so you can gently move yourself into a natural state of joy.

You see, I found my way back to happiness through practicing gratitude in new ways. Would you love to do the same?

We’re all grateful for something, right? Be gentle with yourself and if you find it hard to approach gratitude, you can start by thinking of things you’re grateful for. Like morning walks with your dog, long phone chats with friends, or board game nights with your loved ones.

Would you love to dive deeper into uncovering your grateful heart?

I believe in the power of gratitude so much that I want to give this new 14-day Gratitude Experiment to you all for FREE. Would you love that?

This is my life’s work and it’s my way of changing the world from that state that it’s in. We’re in this together. Sending you so much love. Let’s change the world together, and let it be through GRATITUDE.

Would you love to join me in the Gratitude Experiment?


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Dr. Marisol ND.BA, Queen of The Thrones

How Tension in Your Life is a Sign of Spiritual Transformation

Does it feel like you’re in a constant state of stress, as if you’re stuck in a pressure cooker that’s about to burst?

Or maybe you’re feeling unsettled in your own skin because you can sense there’s a change coming around the corner, but you’re scared because you’re not prepared. If this is you, you’re not alone. Feeling this way is no coincidence because it can mean that a spiritual transformation is about to happen.

Let’s dive in so you can get to the bottom of what tension could be telling you! Sounds good, right?

Bottom line: there are huge energetic shifts in the universe colliding so you can begin your transformation.

It’s Quantum Leap time: A.K.A time for your spiritual transformation!

Quantum leaps occur in different phases


The Flower Full Moon kicked it off on May 25th and it was also an eclipse of the moon, symbolizing powerful change. It was Buddha’s anniversary of birth, enlightenment and death (resurrection)! Big changes, right?

If you are familiar with the christian faith, June 3rd in the Catholic Churches is the celebration of Corpus Christi, the body of God.

The entire practice is based on the internalizing of His flesh, with the Eucharist of His passions for His pains he endured for our salvation, as my spiritual director John O’Brien SJ states. Powerful. Right?

Remember the last supper, “This is my body.” Amazing, agreed?

Not to mention, Mercury went into retrograde on May 29th until June 22nd and there will be another eclipse coming too.

All signs point to a Quantum Leap, which can cause you to feel unsettled and that’s ok.

Good for you for recognizing this so you can…

Welcome the natural spiritual transformation that’s waiting for you.

Transformation can also mean life events like birthdays. Are you celebrating a birthday this month? Would you love to help me celebrate my birthday on June 19th? Hop on our email list so you can party with the Queendom!

Would you love to be the first to know of celebrations and special promotions?

Learn about natural spiritual transformation with Dr. Marisol N.D. Queen of the Thrones® and Medical mystic.



Remember to celebrate even the small things so you can revel in all the good things life has to offer you, even when you feel tension.

Because the energies are strong and colliding…

start a spiritual transformation with Dr. Marisol N.D. Queen of the Thrones® and Medical mystic.
  • If you’re feeling unsettled in your career
  • If you’re wanting to move more into your vocation
  • If you’re frustrated with your body (can’t sleep, can’t poop, stressed)
  • If you’re feeling abandoned and alone, remember that…

You’re not alone, we’re in this together.

We’re in this with the planets, the birds, butterflies, the waves, bumblebees, the bananas, dragonflies and deer, because we are interconnected. We are one.

The planets and nature run our internal clocks. Amazing, right?

Always remember, it’s just a phase. Maybe you need a new battery, or a shine. Maybe it’s Castor Oil Pack™ time. Does this sound like you?

Share this with your loved ones. Let’s connect with our universal body clocks, because we’re in this same symphony together.

May I invite you to follow me over on Instagram at @medical.mystic? You can tell me your mantra when the planets all collide in your world. Would you love to connect?

See you there!

Grateful Gracias | Gratitude Before Meals

Learn about thankfulness with Dr. Marisol ND. Queen of the Thrones®

Thank you!

“Gracias a Dios!” My mother would say this incessantly… so would every other Latino-American woman I know.

We are grateful for everything from God. Whether because we were indoctrinated when the Catholics came to South America, or we came from Spain which was predominantly catholic.

This phrase was simply in us, part of our culture. In Canada, I learned ‘thank you’ for the first time. 

Thank you is a requirement, it isn’t just good manners. It is thanking our fellow human beings for an act of kindness. If we want more goodness, then we have to praise it more! 

I invite you to join The Gratitude Experiment a program designed to learn how to strengthen your gratitude muscle for a happier, healthier life and to feel and experience the elevating and expanding emotions of gratitude and how to apply them to day to day life.

Learn about how to live a happier, healthier life with Queen of the Thrones® Gratitude Experiment

For me, my ‘gracias a Dios’, ‘thank you, God’, takes on many faces. 

P.S. I realize this can be a controversial topic. Please understand we are each entitled to our own opinion. I am inclusive. I believe in possibility. I am cool with what you think, and I hope you would honor what I think too. 

For me, it is God, the universe, Mother Nature, spirit, Buddha. The vis, soul, consciousness, etc.

Dr Marisol. ND. and Queen of the Thrones® is the creator of The Gratitude Experiment.

Many names, the same meaning.

To tell you the truth, I’m super grateful for my childhood. I was exposed to all. In my adulthood, I was exposed to Jehovah’s witnesses and to Christianity.

My one issue is when we are called sinners. I feel that it puts us into a category that doesn’t allow us to be better than that. So I choose not to believe that, but I love everything else that the church stands for. 

Gracias a Dios!

The most important factor in having a grateful God practice (or whatever you call it) is that you repeat it. So practice is absolutely necessary, and you need to feel that your energy is one with it. Otherwise, you can never relax into the practice. 

So gratefulness is key. It is spoken about in the bible as a staple of a good life. 

The question is this: When good comes to you, how do you respond? Do you credit yourself or do you give it to God? Do you feel grateful and completely enveloped in grace?

I encourage you to give it over. If you wish to receive it, you must first deliver it. If you do not… Well, then how can you expect it to get better?

As it says in the bible:

Ask and it will be given to you; 
Seek and you will find; 
Knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7 NIV


So let’s start with The Gratitude Experiment, get your FREE Grateful Dung™ Bracelet and learn how to program your body, mind and soul to feel better and improve your health. Also, discover the benefits of the Grateful Dung™ Bracelet: using it as a talisman with the gratitude stone and its important symbolic effects to help you with the commitment and consistency for better grateful practices.

For instance, If you pray before you eat, the Grateful Dung™ Dining Practice is the perfect complement! If you don’t pray before you eat, give this a try! Get your whole family involved & spread the love!

Here’s how to do it:
1. Hold onto the Black Obsidian dung beetle bead
2. Name 3 things you are grateful for
3. Repeat this at every meal, naming new things each time!

This simple act of pausing and taking the time to acknowledge the blessings in your life actually has an important physiological effect on your body. It helps us get into the parasympathetic state, A.K.A. the ‘rest and digest’ state.

Queen of the Thrones® Grateful Dung™ Bracelet.

We can do this! It will change life and your mindset. Here’s the tool to help:

Sign up now for The Gratitude Experiment & get a free Grateful Dung™ Bracelet (just pay shipping)!

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