Gratitude in Tough Times | Three Steps to a Grateful Life

Dr. Marisol holding sign that says she needed a hero so that's what she became

Gratitude is a practice that although may seem intuitive, is something that so many of us are out of practice with. So often we struggle with gratitude, we fall into the mindset, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” 

But it wasn’t always this way. Gratefulness was how we survived! If you look at scriptures, the bible, religious and historical texts… Even the practice of saying grace before a meal, or being polite and using your manners with a ‘thank you’, ‘gracias’, ‘merci’! it is embedded into our psyche. Deep into our primordial brains, just like our cravings for food and sugar. 

The Most Powerful Health Strategy

This means it is a natural flow (not force as is commonly said) of habit, that just may be buried in your life. BUT, what we can do is reconnect easily to those patterns of thinking in the brain. Let me tell you, gratitude delivers more benefit than any other health strategy you can imagine, well, along with castor oil packs, they too fit into the Royal Road to Richness.  

beautiful minds inspire others

Why does it get buried? We struggle because we aren’t present, our mind is always somewhere else. Why do you think they say, ‘take time to stop and smell the roses’? But we don’t because we are so dang busy! Busy busy busy, like a busy bee. Though the bee may be busy, it is still focused, its full attention is on creating the hive.

It is part of the natural laws, to be grateful and focus on where you are going. Putting yourself in the energy of the ‘you’ that you want to be everyday. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be negative, depressed, unhappy, not living your true self. Quite the opposite – you want to feel good, feel better, love and adore yourself. You want to be at peace; you want to be you. 

So if you WANT that, then you have to put yourself into that energy. The gateway to self love is GRATEFULNESS. 

Allow grace in today. When you do, your outlook changes from one that is…

Negative to Positive

Half Empty to Half Full 

Fear to Wonder

Sadness to Happiness 

It’s super transformative and once you delve into this you will never go back. 

Gratitude in the Tough Times

For me in my life right now, it can sometimes feels like a deep, dark sink hole. I’ve been spending much of my time at my father’s bedside in the hospital. I came across this old photo of us together and my heart feels very heavy. 

Marisol and her father when she was a kid

You see, he had a stroke, close to the one year anniversary of my mother’s sudden death by a stroke. I’m working all of my magic, and it’s working… physically, he’s improving! I’m even helping him work on his mindset and trying to keep him focused on being grateful and in the moment. So appropriate, but he doesn’t want it. He can’t see the grace in his small gains. He doesn’t see a purpose in his future without my mom, so why live? 

I get it. It’s hard to lose your life partner. The issue is the impression he has in his brain. 

He thinks within a year of your partner passing, you should die, too. I asked him, “Who told you that? He said “well ‘they’ did… it’s written somewhere”. So I broke that paradigm down. 

He thinks he is doing worse every day… mentally, yes. But physically, hell no! He has reversed his diabetes. He can walk again, every time a little better, minus his balance and a bit of dementia. 

If I can shift his thought process he will be saved, but for him, maybe being saved is floating up into my mothers arms. 

Marisol and her father in the hospital

I respect that, I understand… but while he is in his physical body, I appreciate all of my knowledge, because if there is anyone that can fix a system and mind the garden of the mind, it’s me… 

My dad has been the very best coach without even knowing it… Hey, he birthed me! 

Three Steps to a Grateful Life

So I have a three step formula to help get a gratitude practice started in your life that will last you a lifetime and benefit you in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Step 1: Smell the roses and notice what you are noticing – presence is truly step one when it comes to gratitude. This is one of the teachings of the Benedictine Monk, Brother David.

Step 2: Do the Grateful Dining Practice – before each meal hold onto your Grateful Dung™ Bracelet and recite three things you are grateful for. The reason I love implementing gratitude  practices before meals is two fold:

  1. It calms your nervous system down before you have a meal. This helps with your digestion, inner nourishment and even elimination – all major keys to the wealth of health. 
  2. Creation of a habit – there is no greater habit that eating. We must eat, instinctively we are drawn to it. So if we piggy back a habit onto one that is already firmly established, it becomes that much easier to adapt it into your daily life. You will start with doing it before you dine. For must of us this will be 2-3 times per day. If you snack and eat all day long, you will do it before every time!
    *** SIDE BENEFIT*** You will get more in touch with your body and realize you don’t need to be munching and snacking all day! 
Marisol holding a salad and Grateful Dung Bracelet

Step 3: Roll with it – make it a game, Life should truly be laughed at and don’t take yourself so seriously, just flow with it. Bring that childlike wonder back into your life. Over the 7 days – don’t repeat the same things that you are grateful for, it needs to be real and different every time (trust me, you might think you’ll run out of things to be grateful for… I promise you, you will not!) Actually you will be amazed at how many things there are to be grateful for.

So instead of forcing a new habit… Let’s just flow into this habit of gratefulness that benefits us by embracing us with grace, joy and happiness. 

The BEST Gratitude Practice | Become a ‘Roll’ Model

Notice how everyone calls our daily life experience a grind, a hustle? People talk about how hard it is, how we have to push through it. The struggle.

Drop Your Resistance

But what if we thought differently about it? What if instead of making it such a struggle, we simply learned how to just ROLL with it, and dropped all of our resistance (which, at the end of the day, just causes a boat-load of disease and problems for us)?

It reminds me of the experience of one of my favorite Instagrammers, @thebirdspapaya. Recently she has experienced much flak for simply being who she is. This is rather sad because she is promoting the power of embracing who you are, LOVING yourself, and doing the things that you love! But people are judging her. The thing is this: when you criticize you can’t call good into your life.

So the same people that want to love themselves, and are following her because they want to be better are also so stuck in their negative energy and pattern of behavior from the past, the paradigms of what other people have told them, that they judge her as they have been judged themselves. 

So I say…. Time to learn to just roll with it!

Become a ‘Roll’ Model

 Because what makes some people ‘roll’ models, like @thebirdspapaya – is that they have learned how to roll with it instead of being resistant, which they know all too well causes havoc in their lives. Been there, done that… Me too (you’re probably there as well or you wouldn’t be reading this). Resistance is what causes more stress and heartache. They simply go with the flow… Just like Buddha, the Tao te Ching, like water…  

One thing that causes disease and problems in our lives is resistance to that which is.

A New Perspective on Life

In life, things go wrong. It is part of the process of life. Things get in our way, they block us. Our job is to be present and take advantage of that which is today. To be immediately grateful to our creator when things are amazing, but also when things go wrong. 

The universe is always doing things FOR us, not TO us. 

It is teaching us lessons that we need to learn from and move through. It helps us navigate those treacherous waters.

Failing is a forward movement, but if you take it as a backward pull on your life, so it shall be. As you ask, so shall you receive. The big guy’s words, not mine!  

So think FLOW. One of our upcoming strategies and teachings is called The Movement Meditation. We do a meditation that repeats the mantra, ‘in flow, let go’, and produces eye movements that are equivalent to doing a 45-minute deep-dive into meditation, but actually only takes 10 minutes. It is so cool! 

The goal is to learn to let go, stay in your flow… In essence, roll baby roll! Stay tuned for the upcoming book.  

Our escape mechanism is resistance. Resistance is an inability to accept change. But change is the only thing that remains the same. So how about thinking, ‘flow like water’. Move through and around obstacles, challenge (FYI, when it is purposeful and for your own good) and deal with them, just like water does. 

Otherwise, life begins to feel like a grind. A big, bad, daily grind as everyone says.

But if we rolled… rolled like water over our obstacles… Or rolled them up just like the dung beetle, we would be all the better for it.

So for the next 7 days, in celebration of Thanksgiving, the beginning of the holiday season, and being grateful for our grind and going with the roll… 

We are challenging you to the Grateful Gateway Challenge. Here’s how to join:

1. Get a Grateful Dung™ Bracelet for only $7.77 (regular price $19.99) CLICK HERE!

2. For 7 days we will use our bracelets to recite 3 things we are grateful for before every meal. No repeating the same thing! Get super creative and always think of something new.

3. Follow us along on social media and email for daily tips on how to be more grateful!

P.S. Why do I love the dung beetle so much? Well, just think about it… Throughout history, there are so many significant things that have celebrated the beetle. 

Egypt: The Sun God Ra embodied the dung beetle (A.K.A. the sacred scarab) when he came to Earth. It was his physical manifestation of the one that brings light into the world every day and rolls it across the sky… pretty cool if I do say so myself. 

England 1970 the Beatles: Need I say more? My memory was jogged with the recent movie Yesterday. You realize the impact their music had on mastering the mindset of the people… Healthy self-hypnosis at its finest! All you need is love, Tomorrow Never Knows, Getting Better, I Feel Fine, Hello Goodbye… need I say more? 

Journey: Number one best name for a band! Every album cover has a dung beetle on it.

Ladybugs A.K.A. Lady Beetles: Who doesn’t love it when one lands on you? There is a superstition that it brings lots of good luck! Cool, I’ll take it!

So why not wear the dung beetle and make it part of your daily practice?

Let it bring you good luck and gratitude. It helps balances your 1st and 3rd chakra, the core, and the center… Realign. It’s about time! 

Get your gift… Happy holidays to you all… Stay tuned to social media for daily updates for the Grateful Gateway Challenge!

What Does 11:11 Mean to You? | How to Achieve Your Dreams

Clock that says 11:11

Make a wish! It’s 11:11. Your dreams can come true! 

When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are! 

When you wish upon a star,

Your dreams come true! 

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Yes it’s possible and I have a secret, a secret that has been kept hidden over the centuries that only a few people have been privy to… the kings and queens, the aristocracy, the Roman, Chinese and Russian emperors and empresses. The 1% that has all the wealth of the world. The Illuminati. 

What they know, I’m going to divulge here now. I’m so THANKFUL I have been blessed to learn these things and that I can share them with all of you. 

First thing’s first — this isn’t only about making the wish for it to come true. 

A wish is the ACT of setting an intention and creating in your mind what you would like that dream to look like. 

“However, a dream without action remains just a wish.” –Katherine Patterson

When I found this out, all of my dreams started coming true. Not immediately, but every time that I would use this secret formula it would work!

Ask a wish, say a prayer, there are many names for it. 

So here’s what you need to do:

Receive – Open yourself up to the POSSIBILITY that your dream is in the WORKS!

Gratitude – Give thanks, as if it’s already in your possession. You own it baby! It is all yours. 

You need to already be thankful for the dream that you want to be achieved, because you want to put yourself in the energy of already having it!

So give thanks, lots of thanks for everything in your life! Gratitude for the little things, the big things, those things that are yet to come. 

When God, the universe, Mother Nature, Buddha, the source… whatever it is for you, hears thanks and appreciation, more good will multiply and glad tidings are sure to come your way. 

Since you are made from the same cloth of our creator, let’s put it like this… When someone says thank you to you, or gives you appreciation for a job well done, aren’t you that much more likely to do more of that? Of course you are, and so is our creator. 

So I ask you, if you’re hesitant or if you feel this is ‘woo-woo’. Why wouldn’t you work on learning the skill through practicing being grateful on a regular daily basis with this? 

Because being grateful not only does this, but it also makes you feel good, feel BETTER, wherever you are in your life, and if – just if there was even the slightest seed of possibility of doing such an easy practice that could change your life, I know you will do it!

It’s really as easy as this… So to help you on this journey and to thank you — here’s what I have in store for you. 

Introducing… the Grateful Dung™ Bracelet. This is what we use in the Royal Kingdom as our gratitude rock and stone to guide us! 

Arm with the Grateful Dung Bracelet on it

It’s a bracelet because I want you to wear it every single day. Let it be the first thing you put on! And allow it to trigger a grateful day and accompany you through your daily journey. 

I am a huge fan of starting new habits by linking them to a well engrained habit. 

So for 7 days, try this: 

Every single time that you eat, hold the dung beetle (the black Swarovski crystal bead) and say three things that you are grateful for — you can even add your wish in there too that your gratefulness is manifesting!). Try to never repeat the same thing. 

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Because we know — the more people that live in gratitude, the better the world will be! 

This life is our movement, let’s make it matter and move it into the right direction. 

So the next time you look at the clock and it’s 11:11, make your wish! Start giving thanks and take the first best step to help you achieve that in faith. You CAN do this, you CAN have all of your wildest dreams manifest!

So let’s do this together! Get your Grateful Dung™ Bracelet today for ONLY $7.77!!