The BEST Gratitude Practice | Become a ‘Roll’ Model

Notice how everyone calls our daily life experience a grind, a hustle? People talk about how hard it is, how we have to push through it. The struggle.

Drop Your Resistance

But what if we thought differently about it? What if instead of making it such a struggle, we simply learned how to just ROLL with it, and dropped all of our resistance (which, at the end of the day, just causes a boat-load of disease and problems for us)?

It reminds me of the experience of one of my favorite Instagrammers, @thebirdspapaya. Recently she has experienced much flak for simply being who she is. This is rather sad because she is promoting the power of embracing who you are, LOVING yourself, and doing the things that you love! But people are judging her. The thing is this: when you criticize you can’t call good into your life.

So the same people that want to love themselves, and are following her because they want to be better are also so stuck in their negative energy and pattern of behavior from the past, the paradigms of what other people have told them, that they judge her as they have been judged themselves. 

So I say…. Time to learn to just roll with it!

Become a ‘Roll’ Model

 Because what makes some people ‘roll’ models, like @thebirdspapaya – is that they have learned how to roll with it instead of being resistant, which they know all too well causes havoc in their lives. Been there, done that… Me too (you’re probably there as well or you wouldn’t be reading this). Resistance is what causes more stress and heartache. They simply go with the flow… Just like Buddha, the Tao te Ching, like water…  

One thing that causes disease and problems in our lives is resistance to that which is.

A New Perspective on Life

In life, things go wrong. It is part of the process of life. Things get in our way, they block us. Our job is to be present and take advantage of that which is today. To be immediately grateful to our creator when things are amazing, but also when things go wrong. 

The universe is always doing things FOR us, not TO us. 

It is teaching us lessons that we need to learn from and move through. It helps us navigate those treacherous waters.

Failing is a forward movement, but if you take it as a backward pull on your life, so it shall be. As you ask, so shall you receive. The big guy’s words, not mine!  

So think FLOW. One of our upcoming strategies and teachings is called The Movement Meditation. We do a meditation that repeats the mantra, ‘in flow, let go’, and produces eye movements that are equivalent to doing a 45-minute deep-dive into meditation, but actually only takes 10 minutes. It is so cool! 

The goal is to learn to let go, stay in your flow… In essence, roll baby roll! Stay tuned for the upcoming book.  

Our escape mechanism is resistance. Resistance is an inability to accept change. But change is the only thing that remains the same. So how about thinking, ‘flow like water’. Move through and around obstacles, challenge (FYI, when it is purposeful and for your own good) and deal with them, just like water does. 

Otherwise, life begins to feel like a grind. A big, bad, daily grind as everyone says.

But if we rolled… rolled like water over our obstacles… Or rolled them up just like the dung beetle, we would be all the better for it.

So for the next 7 days, in celebration of Thanksgiving, the beginning of the holiday season, and being grateful for our grind and going with the roll… 

We are challenging you to the Grateful Gateway Challenge. Here’s how to join:

1. Get a Grateful Dung™ Bracelet for only $7.77 (regular price $19.99) CLICK HERE!

2. For 7 days we will use our bracelets to recite 3 things we are grateful for before every meal. No repeating the same thing! Get super creative and always think of something new.

3. Follow us along on social media and email for daily tips on how to be more grateful!

P.S. Why do I love the dung beetle so much? Well, just think about it… Throughout history, there are so many significant things that have celebrated the beetle. 

Egypt: The Sun God Ra embodied the dung beetle (A.K.A. the sacred scarab) when he came to Earth. It was his physical manifestation of the one that brings light into the world every day and rolls it across the sky… pretty cool if I do say so myself. 

England 1970 the Beatles: Need I say more? My memory was jogged with the recent movie Yesterday. You realize the impact their music had on mastering the mindset of the people… Healthy self-hypnosis at its finest! All you need is love, Tomorrow Never Knows, Getting Better, I Feel Fine, Hello Goodbye… need I say more? 

Journey: Number one best name for a band! Every album cover has a dung beetle on it.

Ladybugs A.K.A. Lady Beetles: Who doesn’t love it when one lands on you? There is a superstition that it brings lots of good luck! Cool, I’ll take it!

So why not wear the dung beetle and make it part of your daily practice?

Let it bring you good luck and gratitude. It helps balances your 1st and 3rd chakra, the core, and the center… Realign. It’s about time! 

Get your gift… Happy holidays to you all… Stay tuned to social media for daily updates for the Grateful Gateway Challenge!

What Does 11:11 Mean to You? | How to Achieve Your Dreams

Clock that says 11:11

Make a wish! It’s 11:11. Your dreams can come true! 

When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are! 

When you wish upon a star,

Your dreams come true! 

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Yes it’s possible and I have a secret, a secret that has been kept hidden over the centuries that only a few people have been privy to… the kings and queens, the aristocracy, the Roman, Chinese and Russian emperors and empresses. The 1% that has all the wealth of the world. The Illuminati. 

What they know, I’m going to divulge here now. I’m so THANKFUL I have been blessed to learn these things and that I can share them with all of you. 

First thing’s first — this isn’t only about making the wish for it to come true. 

A wish is the ACT of setting an intention and creating in your mind what you would like that dream to look like. 

“However, a dream without action remains just a wish.” –Katherine Patterson

When I found this out, all of my dreams started coming true. Not immediately, but every time that I would use this secret formula it would work!

Ask a wish, say a prayer, there are many names for it. 

So here’s what you need to do:

Receive – Open yourself up to the POSSIBILITY that your dream is in the WORKS!

Gratitude – Give thanks, as if it’s already in your possession. You own it baby! It is all yours. 

You need to already be thankful for the dream that you want to be achieved, because you want to put yourself in the energy of already having it!

So give thanks, lots of thanks for everything in your life! Gratitude for the little things, the big things, those things that are yet to come. 

When God, the universe, Mother Nature, Buddha, the source… whatever it is for you, hears thanks and appreciation, more good will multiply and glad tidings are sure to come your way. 

Since you are made from the same cloth of our creator, let’s put it like this… When someone says thank you to you, or gives you appreciation for a job well done, aren’t you that much more likely to do more of that? Of course you are, and so is our creator. 

So I ask you, if you’re hesitant or if you feel this is ‘woo-woo’. Why wouldn’t you work on learning the skill through practicing being grateful on a regular daily basis with this? 

Because being grateful not only does this, but it also makes you feel good, feel BETTER, wherever you are in your life, and if – just if there was even the slightest seed of possibility of doing such an easy practice that could change your life, I know you will do it!

It’s really as easy as this… So to help you on this journey and to thank you — here’s what I have in store for you. 

Introducing… the Grateful Dung™ Bracelet. This is what we use in the Royal Kingdom as our gratitude rock and stone to guide us! 

Arm with the Grateful Dung Bracelet on it

It’s a bracelet because I want you to wear it every single day. Let it be the first thing you put on! And allow it to trigger a grateful day and accompany you through your daily journey. 

I am a huge fan of starting new habits by linking them to a well engrained habit. 

So for 7 days, try this: 

Every single time that you eat, hold the dung beetle (the black Swarovski crystal bead) and say three things that you are grateful for — you can even add your wish in there too that your gratefulness is manifesting!). Try to never repeat the same thing. 

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Tag your friends and share our social media posts! So we can share all the kingdom doing this  together!

So together, let’s take the next best step in FAITH! Click on this link and take advantage, because for 1 day only the bracelet is only $7.77 plus shipping (regular $19.99)… we are basically giving it away with good intention to help you realize this practice. 

Because we know — the more people that live in gratitude, the better the world will be! 

This life is our movement, let’s make it matter and move it into the right direction. 

So the next time you look at the clock and it’s 11:11, make your wish! Start giving thanks and take the first best step to help you achieve that in faith. You CAN do this, you CAN have all of your wildest dreams manifest!

So let’s do this together! Get your Grateful Dung™ Bracelet today for ONLY $7.77!!

How to Look & Feel Good NATURALLY

“It’s not what’s on the outside that counts.  It’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

How often have you heard this in your life?  It’s one of the most common sayings, but why don’t you believe it?  Why do you let your wrinkles, thigh dimples, or muffin top take control of your mind?  We let these trivial things take over how we live our lives, adding a considerable amount of stress and time to our daily routines. 

We try so hard to be like what we see in the movies, on TV, in magazines or on social media.  Now more than ever, we are told we need to look a certain way and this just makes us hyper-focus on what we can do to change our outer appearance.

Body Confidence

Something I’m so grateful for these days is the Body Confidence or Body Positivity Movement.  It may have started with Dove and the campaign for real beauty in the early 2000s, but now it is an outright movement, one that I’m so proud of and that I want to push forward.

 Why do I want to push it forward?  Because in clinical practice I’ve seen people that are dealing with devastating diseases, some that are terminal, yet they are still hyper-focused on their weight or their physical imperfections!  How can this be?

Superficial Beauty Does Not Equal Happiness

 The reality is this is the norm and not the exception.  I remember my mother feeling the same way.  My sister, my friends, me too.  Over time, I’ve come to realize that all this pressure builds up an internal stressor so huge in our bodies, like a kettle about to boil over, and it only causes harm to our body, mind, and soul. 

The thing is, no one is ever happier once they achieve their superficial ‘goals’, because you just program yourself to want more of that ‘perfection’, and we experience symptoms of internal unrest, stress, and need for a change.

At the end of the day, when you really analyze your values and what you want in this life, how you look in your body is irrelevant.  It is simply the vessel for your spirit, soul, consciousness… whatever you want to call it.  Many patients who are dying finally understand this, but it’s too late. 

The damage has been done, the guilt, the stress, the internal unrest, not only makes us feel anxious but it also makes us sick.  Our bodies will keep on bringing up signs and symptoms, trying to give you a wake-up call.  Until you do, it’ll just keep on trying to remind you. 

Messages From Your Body

Symptoms are like little cries for help or love letters from your body.  They show up when your body or mind is in a state of unrest and imbalance, in hopes of snapping you out of these negative habits.

 The following are some common symptoms that your insides are struggling:

  • Anxiety
  • Acne
  • Central weight gain 
  • Headaches
  • Excessive cellulite
  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • Blotchy complexion
  • Stronger appearance of stretch marks
  • Aging faster
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • IBS 

And so many more.

What’s super interesting to me is that the way you look on the outside and the things that you are trying to fight, really are impacted by what you think and feel on the inside.

So change your mind and your thoughts, and do things differently moving forward.  It’s easier than you think, it just takes repetition and practice.

How to Become More Comfortable in Your Skin

So here’s what I propose to help mold your mindset into a positive, nurturing environment for your body, mind, and soul.

1. Stimulus in Your Surroundings

Start surrounding yourself with more of what you want.  Body confidence.  I love Instagram for this because visual images are so powerful.  Follow influencing leaders who make you feel good in your own skin.  A few of my favorite people to follow are @thebirdspapaya, @yovana, @kenziebrenna, @iamtulin and @mikzazon, check them out – their content is incredibly real, authentic, and no bullsh*t about learning to love your beautiful body. 

The more you listen to their stories and how they work every day to love themselves wholly from the inside out will change the way you think about yourself.

2. Do Mirror Work

 This was popularized by the great Louise Hay.  You simply look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself.  You do this EVERY day, in EVERY single mirror you pass by. 

The hardest part about this is the first little while because for so many years you have been looking in the mirror and saying something negative about yourself, nit-picking every little thing that you want to change.  So trust me on this one, it will take practice.  Saying it out loud to yourself will be difficult at first but it is so effective and YOU are SO worth it.

 My first time, I bawled my eyes out as I started to say it and I couldn’t get it out.  Imagine, I couldn’t tell myself that I loved myself.  Gosh, this brings up tears and tingles all over my body.  But I promise you, if you commit to it, it will get better.

If this is too hard for you, the other option is to stick little notes everywhere that say ‘I love you’.  In the glove compartment or visor in your car, in your office drawers, or in your closet when you get dressed in the morning.

3. Stress-Savvy Balance

 We have to get the stress down in our system so that we keep moving in a forward motion (instead of bouncing back into your old way of being).  Stress and anxiety will whip you back into old habits so quick you won’t even know what happened.

 Whatever you do to build a strong stress response, make sure it is practiced regularly.  Some people pray, do yoga, meditate… these are all excellent practices to get into.  For me, my favorite is my castor oil pack because it stimulates feel-good hormones like oxytocin (just like when you’re given a big hug) plus it helps me sleep well, poop well, and reduces bloating and anxiety.  It’s the foundational practice for the health of my mind, body, and soul, and it’s the first thing I recommend to all of my patients too.

The Power in Your Thoughts and Words

Stay present; focus on the here and now as much as possible.  Being mindful will work wonders on cultivating a positive mental and physical state.  Remember most of all, this life is a JOURNEY of self-discovery, not a destination.

It takes practice, time, love and gratitude to build confidence in yourself and truly realize that when you love yourself, others will love you too and it doesn’t matter how your outer appearance looks.

Make it your mantra, and every time someone notices how great you look or asks you what you’re doing and why, always reply with conviction in your words.

Don’t say the typical, “I’ve got more work to do”, or “I’m on a diet”, etc…  Say this instead, “Thanks, I do look good because I work hard to feel good on the inside.”  Because there is power in your words and every word you say, your mind hears, and these words become engraved into commands.  Looking good is just a side benefit to feeling good on the inside and thinking good thoughts about yourself!

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