How to Protect Yourself from EMFs

When I was younger, I suffered severely with anxiety. In fact, what dictated a lot of the damage done to me in my youth was an actual misdiagnosis of asthma instead of anxiety. This put me on a trajectory of being drugged up with prednisone, supremely overweight, constipated and losing faith in my body’s ability to heal, or do what I was supposed to do in this world. 

I look back on those times, grateful, because they moved and motivated me to where I am now; educating and empowering others in their health. That feels good, I’m so happy to be of service – and it’s all because of those painful situations when I was younger. 

We didn’t know it was anxiety until years later. I was frustrated with never feeling better, especially when I was taking all of these medicines that were supposed to fix me. My mother decided to take me off of everything. So we did, and we learned to sit in a corner in our home and relax. It was the first form of cognitive behavioural therapy that I got, a well known method of dealing with anxiety. 

Patterns in Anxiety

As I got older, still struggling with anxiety, mood swings and the sequelae of an irritable bowel, I noticed that the severity of the anxiety was really based on certain locations where I was at. 

The home I grew up in was a place of major anxiety for me. I thought it was just because I was part of a Spanish family, full of piss and vinegar and passion. 

But at the beach or in South America at my extended family’s homes, I would be in complete balance. Feeling better than ever, uber creative and in the zone, my vibe. So it couldn’t be the family dynamics? It had to be the house I was living in. 

The condo I was living in while I was going to school in Toronto also caused me to be severely overwhelmed by anxiety, but only in the last two years I was there. 

Location Based Anxiety

I put two and two together and realized that the places where I felt the worst, for example my condo in Toronto, had a common denominator. You see, in my third year of school, a cell phone tower was added to the top of my condo building. Years later I realized that the home of my youth where I grew up, actually had an electricity farm in our backyard that powered the mines of Northern Ontario. 

I realized I always felt much better by the beach, it was actually my safe haven where I felt so wonderful. Years late I learned that the sand and salt actually neutralizes EMFs – A.K.A. electromagnetic frequencies. 

EMF Anxiety

So what are the EMFs that had me in an anxiety frenzy?

In the simplest of words, they are the frequencies of electricity and energy. They follow what is known as a sine wave pattern. Energy is all around us, wherever there is electricity or wires, cells phones or cell phone towers. 

In fact, I was so in the know about how these affect me that when I found the location for my clinic, I made sure, I actually physically mapped out where all the nearest energy towers and cell phone towers were and tried to stay between 1-3 km away. I was successful, and it’s one of the reasons that my clinical space is such a sanctuary. It’s got good vibes that aren’t corrupted by dirty electricity. 

Even though the wires are insulated, energy still escapes and radiates around it. They call this energy ‘dirty electricity’. The stuff that doesn’t stay in the insulated areas. The closer that you are to the power towers, wires, or cellphone towers etc, the more you may notice an impact on your body – if you’re sensitive (not everyone is). But if you are, you notice it greatly. 

We are energetic beings, we have a frequency, a vibration. Everything does, because at the root of it all we are made up of atoms, electrons and protons, and they all have a vibration. So imagine it like this; if the ground is vibrating underneath you, like in an earthquake, heavens to Betsey you are going to vibrate too! It knocks you off your rocker, so to say. 

Therefore anxiety, and other such symptoms can become the result. 

The tools that helped me overcome were these: 

1. Staying away from locations with EMFs

Obviously I couldn’t do this every time, but I try my best! I also have my wifi router set on a timer to shut off every night to limit the amount of time it’s on. 

2. Castor oil packs

Because they set the foundation for better health, you are more resilient with what comes at you, including EMFs! Get your’s here.

3. Wearing a sleep mask to bed

This helped me to naturally increase my melatonin[1] which is one way that you can get better sleep and have more resistance against dirty electricity. Get your’s here.

Since I couldn’t wear my castor oil pack or my eye mask all day, I found this amazing tool that has been shown to reduce the impact of the EMFs. 

4. Wearing my Harmoni Pendant

My great friend and detox expert Wendy Myers has a beautiful chain, that looks much better than anything else that is available on the market to protect from EMFs! It is easy to put on every day and helps you feel better!! 

The Harmoni Pendant was designed to harmonize the body’s natural electrical frequencies and energetic pathways. It works so well that it’s worn by many professional athletes (and yours truly!). The pendant’s unique properties also convert harmful manmade EMFs that come into the body’s field into gentler and more harmonious frequencies. 

By wearing an EMF protector on your body, you are not only protecting yourself from the EMFs emitted from by your own devices, but also all of the harmful EMFs around you. 

Get your’s here!

Also – fun fact, the jewelry designer of the Harmoni Pendant is the same designer who made jewelry for the Game of Thrones cast for the TV show. So cool! They are stunning. 

Personal Triggers

So you see there are many roads that lead to Rome, the important part is to find out what are your personal triggers, what irritates and bothers your natural predisposition and to get educated and empowered to do something about it. 

I hope you take action here and enjoy these wonderful tools for your health! Plus they make great presents for those you love. xoxo. 


 Rong-fang HuXiao-ying JiangYi-ming ZengXiao-yang ChenYou-hua Zhang. Effects of earplugs and eye masks on nocturnal sleep, melatonin and cortisol in a simulated intensive care unit environment. Published online 2010 Apr 18. doi: 10.1186/cc8965

How To Be More Grateful | The Legend of the Dung Beetle

From the outside looking in, especially in this day and age of social media, you look at people’s lives and get a bit of ‘comparitis’. Yup, this is a legit condition, in my mind of course. Often you begin to feel ungrateful and unhappy in your own life. 

Things aren’t always as they appear. We often only show the good things in our lives, trying to avoid the trials and tribulations that are just part of the natural flow of living and breathing on Mother Earth. Reality is we have sooo sooooo much to be grateful for. You may think others have more, but it’s not about that. Being grateful is about cultivating your mindset and your relationship to the divine. Everything serves a purpose. The good, and the bad, light time or lessons. It’s time to get grateful in your daily grind. It’s the only way to ground so you can glow and grow.

Why is Gratefulness Important?

Gratefulness gives you stability like a 600 lb elephant, a 10 000 year old tree in the forest. Like the humpback whale waxing, weighing and waving through the ocean.  

moss covered tree with big roots

Sh*t happens here, happens there, happens everywhere. And thank God!

Because you know what happens if you don’t sh*t?!

Things get heavy, slow, toxic. Disorder reigns. 

No one said this was going to be a perfect life! Part of being human is picking up and dealing with your sh*t. Always keep your proverbial pooper scooper handy! You, like your dog, have to clean up your shit too. 

yorkie dog pooping

Nature’s Natural Cycles

It’s natural! Animals do it. Nature decays and breaks down and turns it into soil. You intake food, utilize what you need and excrete the rest. 

Starting with the sh*t and natural breakdown and decay, on the other side comes a forest of blossoms blooming, leaves-a-rustling, the smell of pine, flowers and mold and sometimes excrement left by the animals! Part of our natural cycle. 

Remember, watch where you step!!

It’s simply the natural balance, yin and yang, life and death. 

Things that help us heal typically follow this balance, dark and light, fast and slow.  

yin yang, earth and sky symbol

Opposites are required. It’s the ebb and flow of the ocean (salt and water). The night and day, darkness by the moon and lightness sunshine brilliant by the sun (exercise and sleep). The castor oil bean can kill you, the oil will heal you (food and pharmacy).

Without grind, there is no grace. 

Live & Learn

Accept it and move on. Move forward, look where you are going, not where you’ve been. Except to make sure you don’t repeat the same thing twice. As in step on the same piece of turd. 

How does that saying go?

Foul me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you…

Learn to mold your mind, to think in the right way. Learn how to best deal with the obstacles and challenges that are in front of you. Part of molding your mind is adopting a practice of gratefulness. 

The Practice of Gratefulness 

It is said that gratefulness is the connection to the natural creator. The creator of light and darkness, empty and soul-full. 

To keep your soul fulfilled, you must live in gratefulness. This is very difficult when the going gets tough. This is when you must toughen up and get going. Keeping your mind constantly in the same thought process, always grateful for both the good and the bad in this life. 

So what is the easiest way to start a grateful practice? Because I know you never did the journal you were recommended to do, or the 3 things before you retire to bed at night. 

Dr. Marisol meditating

How to Start a Gratitude Practice

To create a habit, simply connect it to something you do daily. Smokers who drink coffee find it very hard to quit because they are reminded to have a cigarette every time they drink a coffee. 

It’s the same as why I like to link the castor oil pack to sleep. Because it’s the best time for it and it we have patients who track their sleep through monitors and it’s always improved! 

Eating is something that we typically do every day. So let’s link gratitude to that habit.

Introducing… the Grateful Dung™ Bracelet!

The Symbolism of the Dung Beetle

Do you remember the scene in the new Lion King movie when Simba’s hair flies through the wind, is eaten and turned into excrement, only to be rolled by the dung beetle back to Pride Rock? Then Rafiki finds it and exclaims that Simba, their king, is still alive!!!  

Dung Beetle rolling dung

According to Egyptian legend, what the sacred scarab does is create the womb for the spark of life. Seeds implanted into their rolled dung are in the optimal environment to grow and then glow. Legend says the lotus flower (a symbol of rebirth and recreation of life) lives for this opportunity. 

It is said that the sacred scarab is also the living manifestation of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, who rolls the sun into the sky everyday. This is why it such a popular hieroglyphic on Egyptian murals. 

Beautiful pink lotus flower

And well, poo… sh*t… dung… It’s kind of my thing. 

The dung beetle bead of our Grateful Dung™ Bracelet is made of black obsidian from the Austrian Swarovski crystal maker. This stone is supportive of the 1st chakra; the root chakra, which is essential for us to feel grounded, safe and secure. It also helps us to activate our creativity.

I have a new mantra at yoga. It used to be, “in flow, let go”. Now it is, “in flow grace, let go of the great creativity in side of my soul”.

I inhale and exhale. 

Back to the bracelet, it’s also composed of Tiger’s eyes beads that support the 3rd chakra; our our solar plexus chakra. It is the center of your heart and soul connection, where you feel the butterflies in your belly. You’ve got those ‘gut feelings’ baby! 

Arm with the Grateful Dung Bracelet on it

For flow in the digestive tract, the 1st and 3rd chakra must be optimized. They are typically the weakest link along with the 5th chakra (the voice/thyroid) of the human body. 

But first we must start with the foundation. So hold onto the dung beetle bead before you eat. Say three things you are grateful for. 

Placing your mind in a grateful state prevents any negative thought processes like anger. Do this before every meal. The more you practice, the easier it will be for your body to grow into it. It will become natural!

This bracelet is your reminder. 

Easy, simple! Honor your food, love the life you live, and beyond everything – be grateful in your daily grind. Remember it is natural for sh*t to hit the fan. What you do with it dictates the direction of your destination and how you fall into your fate. 


The Grateful Way for 7 Days Challenge

For the next 14 days I invite you to join the Grateful Way for 7 Days challenge! Here’s how:

Go to my shop and buy a Grateful Dung™ Bracelet. This will be used as your Gratitude Stone, as your guide through the 7 days. Stay tuned to social media for daily posts and sign up to our newsletter to receive emails on gratitude for the week. 

You will hear why we chose the dung beetle (obviously because I love my poo, but there are so many other reasons), tips on how to be more grateful, reminders to practice your gratitude… everything we can do to keep you in the know.