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The Castor Oil Pack has been known to help with…

Legendary Bowel Movements
Liver Cleansing
Conquer Core, Gut, & General Inflammation
Royal Relaxation & Increased Resilience
Hormonal Balance

But how does the legendary castor oil pack do it? Is it because of the healing aspects of the oil, which are many? Could it be that it is actually the compress that has the most effect on the body?

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Now, what’s the deal with the limited time offer? This course normally costs $189, yup that’s right, and in fact, it is based on the course that Dr. Marisol, N.D. teaches at the Naturopathic Medical Schools. It’s in-depth, science-based but most importantly, it is information that is applicable to you right here, and right now.

You will leave this course knowing all the tips, tricks, uses, recipes and science behind why it is so important to do this royal practice on a regular basis.

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Dr. Marisol’s endless enthusiasm and wonderful desire to share what she has experienced and learned with those she loves is an ongoing inspiration to my life. The practice of consistently using the castor oil packs since 2012 has changed my life!! Thank you for teaching and guiding me! I’m a believer!

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Brand new 5 module health journey for anyone wanting to kick their health practice up a notch. The Fit for a Queen (but it’s also great for a King!) program is comprised of intensive video training about one of the most important royal health practices, the Castor Oil Pack. As an added bonus I also discuss the usage of castor oil for health and beauty, alongside all of my tips, tricks and recipes so you can have a blast making these all at home (on the cheap btw)!

This program is perfect for the person getting started, looking to take their health practice to the next level, as well as for the hardcore health seeker.

If you’re strapped on time and funds, but feel that it’s your time to take your health to a different level, then this course is for YOU. You have access to the ENTIRE training upon enrolment. Feel free to go at your own pace!

Dr. Marisol, ND, BA – Queen of the Thrones™ Takes You into a Deep-Dive…​

  • Why you want to start a castor oil pack health practice
  • The history of the castor oil pack, and how it is unbelievably interconnected to the evolution of humanity
  • Why it is referred to as the “palm of Christ” and the oil that anoints in the bible
  • How this oil is historically used to heal but also for spiritual growth
  • What ways you can use castor oil for health and also for beauty
  • The best recipes for skin, hair and nail care
  • Secrets to doing a 2 step castor oil pack, easy as can be!
  • Why you absolutely must use a pack, when doing a castor oil pack, because of the actual therapeutic effect of the pack

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For 15 years, Dr. Marisol has been innovating, leading the way in the natural health world. For some reason, the castor oil pack and castor oil have been intimately intertwined in her career. She is recognized for her knowledge in this field, but also as a legendary doctor who speaks her truth.

She has helped thousands become their legend and live epically.

Now it’s your opportunity, to learn from the Queen of the Thrones™ and take charge and action in your life that will help you to own your throne and achieve all your goals.

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  • Legendary BM’s and Liver Cleansing
  • Conquer Core and Gut Inflammation
  • Royal Relaxation and Increased Resilience

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