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Dr. Marisol’s (ND, BA) book OH, SH*T! is finally here…

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Bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, anxiety… Don’t be a slave to these common, uncomfortable & embarrassing gut & digestive symptoms. They always happen at the wrong time & place, & they prevent us from achieving our dreams. Dr. Marisol’s (ND, BA) award-winning debut book, Oh Sh*t! outlines her 3 step patient-preferred program to connect to the rhythms of life, clean up the diet & calm digestion. This book is insightful & humorous (sure to cause the good kind of laugh-induced belly aches) while giving the tools needed to finally FEEL BETTER!


THE D-SPOT | “When people are describing their digestion, they refer to their guts, their bowel, their intestines, their stomach and many other random names that people decide to use. I’ve realized, over time, that all these names make it confusing for my patients. So, I decided to simplify and to give the digestive place a special name that would refer to the processes that are happening with all of the digestive organs, whatever you choose to call them. I call it the D-Spot.

– Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND, BA, Oh, Sh*t!


Get to know your digestion, or rather, your D-Spot by taking the FREE D-Spot quiz, featured in Oh, Sh*t!


So, how am I supposed to eat in order to Own My Throne? Here’s how! Breakfast, lunch, & dinner ideas curated by Dr. Marisol ND, BA that follow her D-Spot guidelines outlined in Oh, Sh*t! (+ get 4 extra days of recipes!)

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About the Author
Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND, BA

Dr. Marisol ND is the Queen of the Thrones & director of Sanas Health Practice. Her goal is to help clear the confusion so you can feel better and OWN YOUR THRONE! She has been working in the natural healthcare industry for 20 years, teaching people, patients, health food stores, & practitioners! She is an international resource for helping people connect to the love messages their bodies are sending them.

She has designed a unique line of self-care tools, helped thousands of patients, & has now written an award-winning book! She wants to help YOU unlock your own legendary health & change your narrative… NATURALLY!