Are you a Hyper Wiper? WTF!!!???!?!

Over wiping after poop can be fixed with Queen of The Thrones® Castor Oil Packs™

Every time I get to this question from a patient, I know what they are going to say. “What?! Well I have to wipe a few times to get clean.”

Well my friends, that’s exactly the issue. Hyper wiping isn’t normal. Normal is if you are eating your natural indigenous diet (not the nutrient void McDonalds). For example, think of those people you learn about on the discovery channel who live in isolated tribes in Africa. What happens when they are walking through the field, and suddenly feel the urge to purge? Predicament? I think not, they simply squat and then – plop! No toilet paper? No problem! They don’t need it because they leave no sticky mess. They are eating a diet of whole, natural foods that they grow, forage or hunt.

Hyper wiping is a sign of excess mucous in your stools. It could indicate irritation in your gut from a variety of sources. Food sensitivities, overgrowth of bad bacteria or yeasts (known as dysbiosis), or even parasites, as well as environmental toxicants irritating the gut. 

When you are aware of this sign, your naturopathic doctor will begin to try and find the cause, through a series of trial/elimination or through food sensitivity testing.

Taking away foods that irritate your gut will provide valuable clues. Resetting the gut microbiome (the community of bugs that live in the gut) is another option. Eventually the truth will come out. 

The practice of Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs™ will help with bringing your body back into balance, reducing inflammation and supporting the microbiome!

Start to take a peek every time you poo Queen of the Thrones® Eau de Throne™ is the one and only After you Poo Parfum™ and is great for helping to get in the habit of peeking after you poo!, pay attention to the amount of wiping needed per sitting, and try to correlate it to your lifestyle & begin to get a little more intimate with the jewels you leave in the throne. It’s time to OWN your throne!!

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thoughts on “Are you a Hyper Wiper? WTF!!!???!?!

  • My daughter needs to do this. However, she is nursing a 6 month old baby. Christa Orrechio said “unless you are pregnant or nursing”! If she uses this externally will it effect her breast milk? As a mother im thinking she needs the rest, the calm, all the benefits of using in order to be a healthy little new mom.

    • Dr. Marisol, N. D. says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Lauri! Castor oil packs are safe to use while breastfeeding & help with calming the system and improving flow. However we do not recommend using it directly on the breast while breastfeeding without making sure that the breast is free of any oil or residue, as you do not want your baby to ingest any of the castor oil and we do not recommend ingesting it yourself while breast feeding! Here’s a video where Dr. Marisol ND briefly touches on using during pregnancy/breastfeeding 🙂

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