About Us

Queen of the Thrones® is your resource to connect to your body, your source and your purpose through ancient health practices that have been innovated and modernized. We are a team of wonder women who’ve made it our mission to help others around the world unveil & decode the clues to solving their personal health mysteries.

“The biggest difference that I saw in my health journey was when I finally had FAITH in my body’s ability to heal.” – Dr. Marisol ND, Founder of Queen of the Thrones®

We offer top of the line products, service and support which makes this company so unique. By actively listening to our customers, we gain an understanding of what tools will serve YOU best. We continually strive to make ancient practices convenient and easy to make sure your journey to higher health is smooth sailing.

From our health products & practices to our support groups & online courses, everything is designed so even someone with complex health mysteries will find a path to victory.

Our organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil (always in a glass bottle) is the luxurious, healing backbone to many of our practices. Visit our shop to discover the practices and products that are best for your unique needs.

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro (ND) is the founder and original Queen of the Thrones® (as dubbed by her patients). On top of working in the natural health world for almost two decades, she has experienced feeling sh*tty and figured out the hierarchy to getting healthy. She’s built a Queendom of support for people searching for health freedom, and recently published the award-winning gut & digestive health book like no other.

Oh, Sh*t! takes readers on a 3 step journey to discover the root causes of their digestive disturbances and reset their gut to finally feel better.